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Sangumaolu's whitewashed snow view porcelain collection jar was created by Master Zhang Songmao with his first creation of "Sangumaolu porcelain plate painting" as the prototype, and this theme was created on the porcelain jar for the first time.








Product Name: Sangumaolu whitewash snow scenery porcelain collection jar

Product type: pastel porcelain

Product Author: Zhang Songmao

Issued quantity: 3000 sets

Supervised by: Jingdezhen zhangsongmao Ceramic Research Institute, Jingdezhen Centennial Ceramics Museum

Product certificate: collection certificate, creation certificate, China 315 anti counterfeiting certificate


The scene of the work is grand and the visual center is prominent. It vividly reflects the valuable spirit of Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei who have been through the wind and snow and are persevering. Sangumaolu asked Kong Ming to come out of the mountain to seek hegemony. It not only conforms to the history, but also fully mobilizes the meanings of various cultural elements. The characters portrayed in the most subtle places express strong emotional elements. The strokes are vigorous and profound, fully expressing the ice The beautiful scenery of the snow world depicts the characters with different expressions and full of interest, which gives people a wonderful Association of epoch-making blending and has excellent artistic effect. In the production, it adopts the technology of pastel snow scene, excellent use of brilliant black and hemp color, showing the vast and moist snow scene, and points out the brilliant color with great impact between the vast black and white, with originality. The whole picture is covered in silver, with ten thousand trees clear and moist, and the white and distant artistic conception reflects the three heroes' magnificent mind and great achievements.


In the past works of art, there are quite a lot of works with this theme. However, this picture of "Sangumaolu" by Zhang Songmao, a master of Arts and crafts of China, is unique, ingenious and creative. In addition, it quotes ancient poems and writes them in person, more vividly depicting the situation of Sangumaolu by Liu Bei and others.




Zhang Songmao: Jingdezhen Ceramic family, the first batch of ceramic artists, Chinese arts and crafts masters, the first Asia Pacific Arts and crafts masters, and China Arts and crafts Lifetime Achievement Award.

Zhang Songmao was born in Poyang, Jiangxi Province in 1934. He studied under his father, Zhang Desheng. Zhang Desheng is one of the eight friends of Zhushan mountain. His name is well-known in Jingdezhen, the capital of porcelain. In 1959, Jingdezhen Municipal People's government first awarded the title of "ceramic artist"; in 1988, Jingdezhen Municipal Party committee and Jingdezhen Municipal Government awarded the title of "China Arts and Crafts Master"; in 1994, Jingdezhen Municipal Party committee and Jingdezhen Municipal Government awarded the title of "ceramic family"; in 2008, the world arts and Crafts Council awarded the title of "the first Asia Pacific Arts and Crafts Master", making Jingdezhen the only ceramic industry in China to win the title Craftsman. At the age of 12, he studied painting and ceramics. At the age of 18, he became a sensation in the porcelain capital. He is a rare all-round master in the ceramic industry. His works are popular and popular among collectors, and their market value has doubled.




Panoramic painting, blending of human and landscape, and excellent characterization

Zhang Songmao, a master of Chinese arts and crafts, created and designed the "three Gu moulu whitewash snow master collection tank". The pictures are strewn with mountains and stones, dense woods, rich snow layers, soft and full colors, profound artistic conception, vivid characters, which has reached the perfect unity of artistic form and expression content. Both the dynamic and clear levels of the characters are illusory Charm, give people endless reverie, its magnificent momentum frightens people.








Realistic snow color, rich layers and strong three-dimensional feeling

The main picture of "Sangumaolu snow painting master collection jar" adopts the technology of snow painting. All the scenes with snow scenery are decorated with powder materials made of glass white powder after the completion of painting filling, creating a realistic effect that the mountains are like jade clusters, and the forests are like silver makeup. The snowy scenery and the lofty aspirations of the three complement each other, which shows that Liu, Guan and Zhang are in the wind and snow , the scene of being thirsty for talents.

Turn poetry into painting, combine poetry, painting and porcelain, triple artistic effect

The collection tank of Sangumaolu's pastel snow scenery master combines the three art forms of poetry, painting and porcelain. Collectors can appreciate and collect it from different perspectives. The art value is extraordinary. Master Zhang Songmao specially wrote and signed the collection tank of Sangumaolu's pastel snow scenery master in ancient poetry, which shows the Chinese Allusion "Sangumaolu" more vividly by combining poetry, painting and porcelain Artistic conception.

The tire is thick and dense, the powder color is moist, and the color and glaze are crystal clear

"Sangumaolu powder color snow view master collection tank" is thick and stable, elegant, with fine texture and jade like glaze. It combines two traditional Jingdezhen porcelain crafts, heap carving and snow view. The overall effect is magnificent, fresh and refined. The scenery and snow view complement each other, and the color and snow color complement each other. It has a high artistic value.




Thousands of experiments, three times into the kiln, one porcelain forming million porcelain pieces

The works of "Sangumaolu master's collection tank of pastel snow scenery" have a strong sense of three-dimensional, elegant and elegant brushwork, bright and colorful colors, various shapes, rich and delicate levels, reflecting the solid and exquisite artistic foundation of Master Zhang Songmao. The craft is glaze heavy industry pastel, manual drawing, manual trimming, wood kiln firing, each cylinder has water spray and pleasant sound, which is the most unique place in the porcelain collection. Master Zhang Songmao has repeatedly tested more than a thousand times, and created the three-dimensional creation unique skill of "Sangumaolu powder color snow view master's collection tank" for the first time, which has gone through hundreds of complex crafts and repeated three times It's made by firing in the kiln. There are more than 30 kinds of colors of characters on the screen. Carelessness in any detail will lead to the abandonment of previous achievements. Unsuccessful finished products need to be broken. The yield rate is less than 5%. It can be said that one cylinder of ten thousand porcelain is broken.






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